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JE PROMPT { KAT-TUN Prompt table 2

For je_prompts
as much as i like to write... i suck at it XD. so i'm on je_prompts to do graphics and not even try to write. lol - plus, i don't really write fanfic. more original poetry pieces and such ^-^
anyway, if you're a fan of JE and like to write/ make icons/banners etc/ or any artistic thing related to JE [johnny's entertainment] then you should give it a look~ might be for you ^-^.

SO MY TASK HAS BEEN SET TO DO 50 OTHERS [ICONS/WALLPAPERS/BANNERS etc] and this is the prompt table i've chosen:

Complete so far: 0
001.First 002.Pain003.Need004.Spring 005.Trip
006.Sky007.Laundry 008.Picnic009.Boundaries010.Rush
011.Sweet012.Cloud013.Life 014.Yes015.Tell
016.Forgive017.Questions018.Tomorrow 019.Paper020.Hand
021.Believe 022.Vague023.Corner024.Away 025.Busy
026.Change027.Scream 028.Pillow029.Silence030.Dream
031.Alone032.Ordinary033.Hate 034.Denial035.Flame
036.Name037.Remain038.Taste 039.Memories040.Bone
041.Escape 042.Link043.Bend044.Surface 045.Relax
046.Class047.Work 048.Even049.Stare050.Writers' Choice

Key Code:
~ = Icon
; = Banner [Incl. Friend's Only Banners etc]
} = Wallpaper
* = Other [I.E. Headers/Profile Layouts etc]

Colour Code:
-none yet-
Since I'm posting in batches of graphics, I'll colour code the number/symbol behind the world each batch. ^-^ So aka: Batch 01: Red. or something~
-likes ease- ^-^


mmkay, i've decided to try my hand at SCREEN CAPPING STUFF. yay.
obviously, if they turn out decent and usable then i'll share them (: -i'm not THAT selfish xD maybe...-

xD but yeah. now this is where you come in~
1. what should i screen cap? [aka what would you prefer?]
mainly, i'll screen cap whatever episodes i have access to and therefore, it will be things i watch...
2. PNG or JPEG?
png is better quality BUT they are way too big. so i'll cap less. but it's quality over quantity, right? Anyone know how to batch convert PNGs into JPEGs? because i'm HOPING that that will keep most of the quality but reduce the file size? maybe? help XD?
3. do i really need a LOT of caps?
well i know that i don't [or rarely] make animated icons or graphics so i'll probably not need to do it that often but if someone [you] needs a lot of caps for animated stuff then let me know and i shall try that o.O but i'm thinking that i probably don't need too many?

what i'll currently cap!
i currently have access to... Scrubs Season 7 -snuggles mate that brought that for me- and i think my brother has a few boxsets that i can try. HOWEVER, i don't know if these will work - not tested yet T.T but yeah.

firstly, i'm planning on capping a Japanese show - Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. which is Aiba Hiroki's new show ^.^
need to figure out how to batch convert PNGs into JPEGs for it ^.^ but yeahhhhh~

anyway, any suggestions/ places i can get episodes that i can cap? THANKS (:
i need episodes or i can't cap them ? XDD. lol. -obvious much-